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Tamekia Judge

Coach Shaniequa is an important asset to Zuriel Leadership in helping to coach people in being the greatest that they are destined to be. God created us to great and do greater works. Our best potential may not come forth without the many training sessions taught by coach Shaniequa. I learned a lot of beneficial information during "Integrity Speaks". Leading from the front while your integrity speaks for you.

Frank Kennedy

Shaniequa's, unique leadership tools provided me with a leadership plan based on transparency, performance leveraging, and proactive forethought exercises. The techniques learned allowed me to grow as a leader and an individual. These elements cultivated a culture within me to lead through the teaching and training of others. The retention of these leadership essentials has allowed me to move forward to set and achieve some of my personal and professional goals.


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. " - Maya Angelou

Thanks for the mentorship.

Jgala Albany

Zuriel Leadership under the training of Shaniequa Washington has been very impactful to my work life, personal life, and my spiritual life. I have had the opportunity to learn what a great leader looks like and how one operates. Through clear wisdom and vision with Zuriel Leadership, I have been able to channel my negative energy into positive energy giving me the desire to be a role model.

Jennifer Williams

"I needed a clear direction in my field of how to improve interactions and lead. Zuriel Leadership provides real solutions relevant to real-life issues that have changed the perspective in how I lead" -Jennifer Williams