How Do You Measure Your Influence?

How do you measure your influence?

By the number of people who work for you?, By the number of followers you have on Twitter?, By the number of likes you get on Facebook?

While there is some validity to those numbers, chances are that you’re missing something if you measure influence only in that way. Because there are dozens of people - perhaps even hundreds - that you influence without ever knowing it. They help you bag your groceries. They pick up your trash. They might deliver your mail, or drive next to you on the road. They pass you in the halls at your child’s school, or ride the elevator with you on the way to the office. These possibly unnoticed individuals are impacted by you in ways you may never know.

It is critical to understand as a leader that your leadership is always in motion. Every second that you move, you have left a lasting impression with someone. Have you ever engaged in the fact that there are moments that you were in motion that have left lasting impressions for life? Have you ever paused to ask yourself what have I left behind in the moment and with who? You would be surprised at how much you impact and how it does not always come in large increments of time, but in a second that one moment can be remembered for life.

Moments of Impact

Your capacity to transform someone’s life every day is rooted in your choice to make a positive impact, even in the most fleeting of moments. When you make it your mission as a leader to value people and add value to them, you are planting the seeds for a harvest of positive change.

In a time where some leaders seem only to care about those who are “for” them, we need leaders who care about everyone. We need leaders who make valuing others a priority instead of a promise. We need leaders who make others better instead of bitter. Our society needs leaders who take special care to consider the unnoticed follower.

A clue to take with you as you lead...... "Leadership is a contact sport" How are you touching the world?

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