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In leadership we often enjoy the pivotal points of success. What happens when the ship takes a sudden turn and you have to redirect the path so that the entire ship does not capsize? In leadership it is critical to always keep discussions with your team alive to continually lead your business forward.

In my cultivated walk in leadership I have not always made the right decisions, the decisions at the time had an unfortunate impact to those connected to the decision and to me. This is when leadership becomes hard, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you have to make an invested decision to keep all conversations alive. In business and as a leader it is critical to remember; you keep the conversations alive, you are the individual that influence ideas and is a role model for each learner. Your engagement and transparency will foster an environment for positive learning and adaptation, beyond this will build a platform of trust.

When facing challenges, or interacting with disgruntle individuals remember a few key points:

1. Resolve the problem to the extend necessary- no more.

2. Take care of the problem that it does not reduce the self esteem of the individuals impacted or involved.

3. Always preserve a learning climate that is relaxed, comfortable and conducive to learning.

4. It is critical to remain non-defensive and do not get into a "battle" where you are defending the company, the training or management etc.

5. Be sure to always follow up.

In business it is critical as the leader you understand your responsibility to maintain a learning environment, remove barriers and assure clients and employees understand the relationship, position and requirement. As a leader we always must remember that today's preparation determines tomorrows achievement.

How will you lead today without blind spots?

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