Why Does It Hurt?

In life we often discount the places that made us feel low, crushed and broken. I sat this week in awww of all that I have been through and tried to count all of the tire marks on my back, the times I felt run over, struck by a hit and run, in a car pile up and realized I was still in one piece. Never allow your low places to devalue your worth to step up to gain access to a higher place.

As I sat and reflected the whispers in my ear that soothed my spirit and gave the best analogies. I had to share with one who asked why do I always have to be crushed, in life it is so hard, to be something you always have to go through so much and I see why people give up. It was in this moment that revelation became real. The reality is that some of the best toppings and soothings came from some crushed stuff, listen to this;

1. Crushed grapes makes some of the best wine

2. Grounded coffee makes some of the best cups on a early calm morning

3. Crushed olives makes the best olive oil

4. Crushed nuts tops off the best sundae

5. Sifted flour makes the best pastries

6. The best gems had to trialed in the hottest fire

7. The best vehicles had to be able to sustain the worst crashes

In order to be the best, it is sometimes painful, however in all of that pain there is something that comes called purpose. Purpose will take you further as you will never forget the cost of what got you there. If it hurts, if it's stretching you and there is discomfort, learn to endure until the end. The reward will come but only to those who endure to the end. I hope that this has inspired you to step another day.

Stay tuned with me. We are almost approaching the finish line of the last 100 days of the year. 100 is symbolic for the promise for all who left it all for the Lord. Trust and know that it was not in vein. Look out for upcoming information on the 100 day challenge to 2017. Know your worth, and be worth the journey. Until then let's lead ourselves daily to a different place, that produces a different result.

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