There is truth in your lifestyle

Lifestyle means designing ways to live uniquely. It is a skill to be mastered, not a condition to be pursued. It is finding new ways to bring joy, pleasure, excitement and substance into our lives and into the lives of those we care for while we are working on our goals, not once we have achieved them. A more abundant existence does not necessarily mean a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Our lifestyle communicates a clear message about who we are and how we think. Lifestyle is where we go, what we do and how we feel once we are there. Lifestyle is a mixture of substance as well as style, refinement as well as intellect, and emotional control in times of challenge, as well as emotional release in times of joy and happiness.

Everything about us is sending a message to others about our level of intensity as well. The things we do, the things we say, even our appearance, suggests an inner attitude about life. If we are spending more money on donuts than we do on books, that suggests something about the sincerity of our desire for personal progress.

In leading and being taken seriously our message has to be clear. What we say has one impact but what people see and experience is the ultimate connection. In this current era of time contradiction is prevalent and it authenticates trust issues. In my 19 years of leadership I had to learn to be very cautious in the acts of my lifestyle to match the words of my lifestyle.

Abundance is not measured by stuff, abundance is measured by truth, the truth is happiness and morality can never be purchased.

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