The Time Is Now

Leadership plays a vital role in the success of many corporations, in small organizations, and leadership is vital for personal growth. You have to lead yourself before you can inspire others to follow. Leaders are not just born. They are ordinary people, just like you and I, whose development came through shaping and influence. Leadership development and training can maximize productivity, shape positive characteristics, and promote harmony in environments. To achieve this, key people must lead individuals and teams using appropriate leadership styles. In this growth process of being molded into a leader, you must be willing to invest, invest in yourself. It is highly encouraged to take leadership development classes and to find someone who is sharper than you to sharpen you into the best leader you can be.

Leadership is never easy no matter how effortless some leaders appear to manage, it is filled with constant obstacles, challenges, changes and did I mention surprises! However is is not the leaders responsibility to solve every problem that arises. Great leaders empower and teach those that they lead to take ownership, identifying issues at the root and implementing change. Good leaders recognize they do not have all of the answers and they are constantly educated themselves, sharpening their tools and their skills!!!! Leaders are great communicators and understand they must operate in a state of inclusion. They empower those who are connected to feel a part and those who are not.

Leadership and operating in purpose plays such a vital role in our world. Leadership is required to establish the generations ahead, in this current era it is evident that we see there is lack of respect and honor for any person that has been established to teach or lead. The lack of honor and respect opens a portal for future generations to fail to lead ahead. This is from the first chapter of my book "Leading From the Front". God showed me in 2012 the world was moving in turmoil due to lack of true leadership. God placed it on my heart to start writing my book that I published in 2015.

The question is now that we see what we have allowed, will you step forward to change what we need to become. Donald Trump stands for the next four years to say that "America Will Be Great Again" I want to remind you that YOU are America. Will you be Great? Will you stand on the foundation of what made us great, recognizing that "In God We Trust" It is time for a change. We have talked, planned, prayed, complained, for way to long. The word clearly says we would do greater works, works, works than what He did, now we are faced with the fact that we must work for change!!!!!!!!!!!! I send the charge that it is time to move.

Unhappy with your current situation? If you don't like the facts, it is time to change them!

Time To Dare Yourself To Be Different!!!

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