She Is A Leader With 2 Hats!

Success comes with a price, and it’s up to you to decide if that price is worth it. Working as a Senior Leader for 19 years with the #1 company on the Forbes Fortune Five Hundred list, I know this first hand. Toting a quite the impressive resume, having a lucrative career, can come at the cost of my personal life. As I share my take on success, ambition and the necessity for balance with Wal-Mart, Zuriel Leadership, Dare To Be Different Inc, and walking in ministry:

What is the upside of pursuing a career, living out your destiny, your call and attaining financial independence as a woman?

I don’t know that there is an upside or a downside. I think it all depends on your choices, how you place things in prospective and what you want in life. I certainly can share that once being in a place of just growing my career it did not all last, it did not fill the void of having things in right prospective. Obviously, financial security gives you freedom. I think often women underestimate the value of freedom—that’s everything.

What would you consider the downside of pursuing a career and attaining financial independence as a woman?

I think the downside can be if you have chosen a career, and you’ve invested all this time and energy but then you slowdown. Besides the plaques on the wall, the accolades that fade and the feel of importance of being needed will become a blur, my downside is will that be enough???

We have to look at our life in terms of seasons. Unfortunately for a lot of women, we don’t necessarily fully enjoy the seasons of our lives, because we’re in such a hurry to get to the husband and the children. We spend so much time devaluing our freedom, trying to give it away, and not really relishing the joys of being your own person, basking in your call and purpose and building the woman you’re destined to be!

Do you feel like your sacrifices along the way were worth it?

One thing that I realize that I think is really important is that good decisions have consequences too. I think that’s been the most disappointing, and hurtful learning. I’ve made a lot of good decisions. I don’t regret any of my decisions, but ninth grade Shaniequa never would’ve imagined she wouldn’t be married by the time she was 21, and wouldn’t have children before she was 25.

What I realize is that the 14 year-old Shaniequa did not see that far in her future!

How have you grown to master the art of work/life balance?

Living in Beaufort, SC taught me that not everything needs to be done right now. From a spiritual standpoint, there’s something to be said for taking Sunday off. You have to put up limits. People respect you more when you tell them your limits. We are so afraid of telling people our limits. Whatever needs to be done you can either call me, or we can deal with it in the morning. I think we have a hyper sense of importance. You’re not that important. No one is. So why are you going to kill yourself for work or status?

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