Mind Oh Mind!!!!

Anyone interested in going big in their life, career or business understands that mindset matters. Humans are born to think linearly. You base your goals, expectations for success and concept of what is possible on your experience. And your experience is rooted in linear time. One day is always 24 hours, one hour is 60 minutes, and hours and minutes never change—always occurring at the same rate. When setting a goal for yourself, your mind processes the linear time-based steps between where you are now and where you want to be. Naturally, your mind plots the path to success one step at a time. If your goal is 20 steps away, your mind counts each step, one by one, almost as if checking off a goal accomplishment checklist. Here’s the problem: Success doesn’t always happen step by step. Things sometime come in waves of steps and you miss the mark unable to keep up! Success can occur at an exponential rate. Twenty linear steps get you to the number 20. Twenty exponential steps get you to 1,000,000. It’s easy enough to see on this screen, but the way you're mind is programmed keeps you from believing this type of exponential success—basically skipping steps—is possible. And it’s holding back your goals, ambitions and career. Thinking Exponentially is a core concept applied by many of today’s most innovative companies and entrepreneurs. Consider the audacious goals of CEOs , who uses Exponential Thinking to turn passion into profit and achieve the impossible…

I recall just recently in October to be exact coming back from the hurricane and coming into work and all, I mean all of the perishable product was lost. Me thinking how in the world and I going to get this store back open it is going to take days. It was amazing to see the transformation of my thoughts that once I saw that I can make it happen I started to press into forward thinking that we processed over $85,000 parcels of freight in 72 hours. This is how much merchandise we normally get on a 10 week average. It became crystal clear that as long as my mind was in the right place my teams mind was in the right place, the moment I felt I was hitting tap out, they complained, but when I shifted my mind, gears shifted that shifted their gears. I'm telling you the mind oh the mind. The best of it all is that we gained more profits as the community was so grateful to see the team work, the diligence, the leader on the floor thanking them for trusting us to take care of them! Was it hard? Yes, Was it overwhelming at times? Yes, was it worth it? Yes. I had to ensure my mind was in the right lane that my mind would not cause me to derail!

Why do you think we have to renew our minds daily instead of once a week, month or year? Our thoughts of yesterday places restrictions on the possibilities of conquering today, renew your mind, it guarantees your achievements!

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