Check Your Ego At The Door

The Ego, oh the ego we have all been or dealt with that individual who did it all, knows it all and will be it all. Isn't is just draining? If you won't answer I will, yes it is draining, annoying and counter productive. If you are the smartest person in the room, guess what you have already failed. It is not healthy to be the only one with the answers, it is not healthy for you and not healthy for those who have to tolerate you. Yes I used the word tolerate, if you believe they respect or value you, think again!

How do you know if this is you, asking yourself do I have an issue, am I ego tripping?

These are some characteristics to know if your ego tripping;

1. Your very dominant

2. Very territorial

3. You micro manage everything

4. Your intimidating to make people do things your way, ultimately a grown bully

5. Nobody can ever find a solution to any of your problems, you always say I know what I'm doing and that won't work.

If this describes you well you have some work to do, if this describes what you deal with how do you handle this? Here are a few tips and insight on how to overcome the ego.

Intervene early

Pay close attention to early warning signs that your egotistical boss is about to morph into a bully, If you know your boss resorts to bullying under stress, try to minimize the stress factors. Has he/sh had a bad day? Postpone unnecessary meetings until the coast is clear. Was he/she pushed around by his/her boss, or by a client? When in doubt, if you notice a warning sign, get out of the way. Just as you shouldn’t stick your face near the snout of a snarling dog, you should remove yourself from the path of a manic bully until things cool off.

Set limits

Don’t be a martyr and work unreasonable hours or accept discourteous behavior. You won’t do yourself or your company any good. Being able to say ‘no’ can be quite liberating, and might even earn you some respect from your ego tripping boss.

Use positive reinforcement

When your bullying boss treats you with respect, thank her for her kindness. Tell him/her how she inspires you to work hard whenever she’s positive and polite. Become a role model of good citizenship yourself, displaying unwavering courtesy to your boss. If you have to, overdo it to send the message. Never fight fire with fire; don’t act like a bully in response to bullying.

Be a good role model. Setting a good example of the demeanor you want your boss to emulate can help. Praising another’s work, giving credit and remaining calm when your boss can’t, will help your boss better see the light.

I know some of you are probably reading these tips and rolling your eyes. Well truth be told I am not speaking from what someone told me, all those who have led me have not been a bed of roses, I had to learn how do I still stay employed and not loose my sanity and most of all compromise my character. You are sometimes placed in the most challenging environments as it is a teacher of great character and builds the best leaders. When you are dealing with an ego in the voice of Theresa Roberts "don't waste mad on that".

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