What Are Your Thought Patterns?

Cognitive thinking is the ability to identify an issue, dilemma, or problem; frame it as a specific question; explore and evaluate information relevant to the question; and integrate the information into development of a resolution. An advanced manifestation of critical thinking is evidence-based practice – the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence about practice, the creation of policy, and the conduct of research.

In this current talent pool of leaders the number one issue find is the process of cognitive thinking. Leaders who can make sound decisions. This is a skill set that is needed to continue to advance is responsibility and maintain the current position entrusted. As I thought of this, I thought who is a great example of having great characteristics of cognitive thinking in his leadership.

The characteristics are as follows: 1. Intellectual ability - Dr. King could be considered as one of the intelligent leaders at his time. He possessed many characteristics of a good leader. 2. Farsighted. 3. Advanced conceptual thinking - Dr. King was advanced in conceptual thinking than many others during his time 4. Openness to new experiences - Dr. King was open to experience and was creative in his approached to resolve problems.

These things allowed Dr. King to be a transformation leader, he was able to transform thinking that transacted into exchanged behaviors from violence to peace.

There are two forms of leadership:

1. Transformational leadership focus on what the leader achieves rather than on the leader's personal characteristics and his or her relationship with group members. 2. Transactional leadership exemplified by leaders and followers being in an exchange relationship. It is very common and that it tends to be transitory as there may be lasting purpose to keep the parties together once the transition is complete.

Transformational leadership serves to change the status quo by:

a. Appealing to followers' values and their sense of higher purpose. This type of leaders expressive the issues in the current system and have a persuasive vision of what a new society/organisation could be. b. Reframing issues so that they are paralleled with the leader's vision and the followers' values. c. Operating at a higher stage of moral development than their followers. The leader's vision often appeals to the followers' end values.

We tend to believe that leadership does not matter, it really does and not only does it matter, it is a must to have leaders that pave the way. How will you take these tips to transform things in your life that you will begin to transact?

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