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We have just turned the page..... In turning the page, this gives us something to look forward to. We have something new to read, something new to write. This can be quite exciting! As I have taken the time to sit back and reflect on these first couples of days, I've made a truly conscious decision to focus on the now instead of then. What do you mean Coach? There are always the pages from the previous chapter and it can become a distraction in what you should be doing right now!

In turning the page, the question becomes what does the new page bring? That is the beauty of what I have decided to embrace and it is called, "the experience." We often miss "the experience" and fail to bask in the moment of growth. Because we are so engrossed in the "what," we fail to enjoy what has taken place. We missed the victory in the how; how I made it in spite of!!!!

I want to take a moment to venture into the meaning of a few things that you should consider to be applicable in your new experience.

I want to start with a simple few........ Live, Choose, Move Forward! #2018BestMe


What does it really mean to live? When you were born you were already alive just not in the same place that you started from. In the womb life came about, you lived to see another chapter and this turned the page, as you did not stay in the womb. Did you stay in the womb? If you are there, alarm... alarm..... alarm..... Well, some may be there mentally, but, that is an entirely different blog....... Let's stay focused, In the womb, you lived to the capacity that was possible until you had to transition to another portion of your life. Apply this to now. We must continue to live daily until we transition into the next portion of our lives, recognizing that what was, was necessary, but not permanent! We have to decide to remain alive realizing some things will die in our lives; relationships, careers, businesses, old habits, old thinking, old routines etc.... However, you don't die with them you choose to move forward and live the next chapter of your life!

Webster defines live as: remain alive!!!!! What are you doing to remain alive??


When you decide not to choose, you become conditioned; conditioned to settle, conditioned to barter, conditioned to accept. This brings about the feelings of jealousy and envy. You feel as if everyone is gaining except for you. In choosing to live, we choose to learn, to experience, to walk it our realization that in each decision, there is a purpose. This purpose is for you, but if you don't choose, you miss the opportunity to live through the experience that belongs to you. You will find, in not choosing and just settling, there is a lack of learning, lack of appreciation, lack of excitement to move forward. Have you settled way too much???

Webster defines choose as: a course of action, pick out or select

Move forward:

Have you ever been stuck in traffic so long that you just place the car in park, realizing that you are just not going anywhere? What happens when we get stuck in the middle of a hilly experience in our lives, where it just seems like you are going absolutely nowhere at all? It seems like all hope is gone, and there is nothing left to do. Do we tend to park? A serious question to ask yourself; when you park a car and you don't crank it up frequently what tends to happen? It is hard to start, your cranking and it is just not turning over. We find ourselves this way in life. We won't turn over, and we won't move forward. We find it difficult to get cranked back up. Often, in this scenario, we will require a jump. The question becomes; are we connecting to the right sources to jump us? You can't use just anything to get a jump. You have to have the right cables and, even then, if you don't have a vehicle with the right size battery, then both vehicles are stuck, parked going absolutely no place!

Challenges are here, will come, and will come again. Keep moving..... Decide to live, choose, know it is okay to turn the page....

Coach Shaniequa

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