Remain Grounded

Influence, influence, influence....... Influence has a significant impact on character, behavior, and development. We are all influenced by something or someone in our lives, and it shapes us into who we are, and who we are becoming. Influence can be good and bad depending on what is influencing us, what is grabbing our attention and drawing us.

In leading influence helped me to get to the place where I am operating in currently, but I had to learn how to sort things out, if I didn't I would have become a replica of something and someone else instead of living in the authenticity of who I am destined to be. Staying grounded is critically important as you grow, development and shape in character.

I remember my first encounter with the vision of ministry and the vision of entrepreneurship; I heard quit your job, quit, quit, quit. Launch into the deep go ahead you will not have the freedom until you do it jump. I almost did it based off of what I saw, what people told me too which I thought was freedom because in the natural eye it all looked so good! Free schedules, freedom to do it your way, but what you don't see or they don't tell you is it comes at a cost, a great cost with lack of knowledge and preparation. We must prepare then arise, not arise and then develop. I am so glad I stayed grounded, or I could have been uprooted and tossed totally aside. In this process of preparation, the portion that bothered me was the word quit, hearing people tell me to quit, did something to me because I am not a quitter, I transition into my next, this comes with the preparation that I can arise. Where is it in the book of people rules that says you can't keep your six-figure earning and build? I believe an stand firm that what you are purposed to do you are also given the Grace to get it done. I am so glad I remained grounded and grew where I have been planted. Don't allow what you experience deter you from the roots of your strength.

I learned over time how to become a first-rate version of myself and not a second rate version of someone else. I love to share this quote..... " Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken" -Unknown Author Originate in the place that you are called to and not where someone else sent you. Realize this which is so important. We live in a world where people are doing all kinds of things, we see many businesses, organizations, ministries arise, and this can be very inspiring, but be inspired to great things in what you are called to do, that you don't become lost in building someone else's dreams. Don't fight the dirt places, realize it's connected to the roots which are grounded for you not to sway or easily fall.

I know what it is like to see that business on the other side for other people and know that you are called to do something great too, you should be doing great exploits, but maybe it is not for you to quit your job! If this is you, are you ready to build with truth, build leading yourself in the right places that will yield fruit? If your answer was yes, let's talk further. Schedule a FREE consult with me, I will only have 3 FREE consults available, and the first three will be the ones to gain access to the proven systems of not quitting but how to fruitfully prepare and arise. Don't wait!

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