Leading By Purpose or Demand?

Every day I open my eyes, I am grateful to see another day, and I am excited because I get to do what I love to do. I love to lead, lead in all areas of my life, in this it brings great rewards. In leading I get the fantastic opportunity to create, teach, equip, and encourage. Do not get me wrong there are portions of my life that are on demand; collaborative meetings, serving; new ideas, emails, text messages, social media responses, and posts. What I have learned over the course of the multiple years of leading is avoid the firefighting battle instead lean on purpose.

As I reflect, lean back, reminisce, I can see without a shadow of a doubt it was only in the conscience decision of having a purposed-fixed schedule that I was able to accomplish my dreams. The dreams that as you grew required a little more like, being a devoted wife, being a present mother, being effective in ministry. I think of the purpose of college, owning my own photography business, "Images of Essence Photography," gaining certifications, owning my own coaching business, having a nonprofit organization, job promotions, world travel, etc. My accomplishments of success had to be lead by purpose because the rat race of demand will cause you to tap out!

What does the on-demand life look like? It seems like chaos; saying yes to every invitation, trying to attend every event, countless hours on social media, taking on tasks to be relevant, changing when the Jones changes because it looks like a win.... All I have to say is "Chile Bye" I know that is not the most proper term, but I just needed to hit you between the eyes one time. FOCUS! I learned five steps to keep me out of the life of demand in my experience of leading, and it has served me well. I want to help you learn how to do the same if you are ready and willing. The purpose is so much relevant than demand!

We don't only buy things with money; we often buy them with hours of our life. Try to get a refund on the hours you have spent and did not get an ROI on your investment.

Let me ask you something 1. Are you always fighting time? 2. Are you still saying yes and this becomes a barrier to completion for yourself? 3. How well of a planner are you? Do you even know what to do with the calendar? If any of these points hit you, then hit me up so we can talk about the tools to change!

Shaniequa L. Washington

Your Leadership & Life Coach

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