Leading With Transparency

Let's be clear on transparency. Did you know that 7 out of 10 people do not trust the people, they work or are connected with? This is a large number, when the research was done it all balls down to the same thing consistently, transparency..... In

lamens terms the "Good Old Truth"

Transparent leadership is key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and individuals in the market place, organizations and in ministry. Individuals who are kept in the loop and understand their role in the process, are more likely to trust the vision and remain confident in the path.

I have said this before and I want to reiterate this again. I strongly believe people do not quit jobs they quit "people". If you survey many of those who have quit a job, which I have done myself a time or two, it gives you clarity and insight to common factors of truth. The transparent moment that has to be accepted; as a leader we often evaluate poor performance, what we fail to see is your team is also evaluating your performance too. Individuals want to be engaged in the process of growth to also see that as they grow their leader grows too. When things are sugar coated and down played, guess what they are out of there, before you know it you will see increased turn over and declined customer traffic.

To maintain engagement in the teams you desire to be effective, it is critical to lead with transparency. Engagement processes such as newsletters, briefings, quarterly financial reviews, annual and mid year performance reviews maintain engagement and give insight which intrigues individuals to grow and to be effective.

When leaders are transparent problems are solved faster. By being open and honest, teams are willing to find solutions. I always subscribe to the fact that two minds are much more powerful than one. I stand on the fact that the sharper head sharpens the other head. Involvement and engagement is a tool that should be used to leverage growth!

How are you leading with transparency? Do people often work with you with a question mark? Building trust builds strength in your teams, this brings sustainability and this totally leverages growth! Are you or someone in your leadership team struggling with transparency? Allow us to shape this skill set that will bring longevity and incredible execution to your company or organization. Let's Chat Today!

Be Bold/Be Brave/Be You

Shaniequa L. Washington

Life & Leadership Coach

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