Are You Willing To Ask?

Why is it as leaders we believe we always have to have the answer? What questions are you being asked that you cannot answer?

Who on your team can help provide the answers and make problem solving more collaborative? Why haven't you scheduled an appointment to connect with these people?

As a leader we must be cautious not to allow insecurity and immaturity to act like I am the "answer man" or "answer woman". Do you know that this is positional thinking? Good leaders think quite differently! Good leaders realize that it is not their job to know everything but to attract people who know things that he or she does not know to still be effective in what they are called to do, that would be a collaborative leader! A collaborative leader is a lot more effective then a positional leader!

In my own growth in leadership, once I realized that one of us is not as smart as some of us, I stopped bringing people together to give them answers and started calling on them to find answers. This one action will transform your leadership, not only because you can be authentic, but you can now stop pretending that you know more than you do!

The beauty in being willing to ask your team, because they really do know the answers is; it will harness the power of shared thinking. This is the beginning of development as you have illustrated together we can win!

Are you struggling to effectively learn from those you think should be learning from you?

Are you always giving the answer, therefore becoming the it to everything and it prevents you from doing many things?

Learn how to maximize your leadership, through a practical and purpose driven approach to leadership development . Allow me to support your success by equipping you with leadership teachings to apply to every area of your life!

Be Bold/Be Brave/ Be You

Shaniequa L. Washington

Life & Leadership Coach

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