M&M Perhaps!

While you always want to be motivating people, there is a fine line between manipulation and motivation! We can cross the boundaries really easy and not even recognize it and this is when we become an M&M. It may seem sweet, it is coated with something else, something they did not see until they bit into the middle of it!

Many leaders who struggle to lead effectively motivating their teams through the power of influence, cross over to the power of manipulation. Manipulation will be used for personal gain and they only motivate for the mutual benefit! The question then becomes as a good leader how do I stay away from manipulation and create a boundary that this won't become my pitfall?

Good leaders can keep this tendency in check from crossing over from motivation to manipulation by following what I call the LR (Leaders Rule): It's simple; treat others how you want to be treated..... I can see your face, really Coach Shaniequa, that is it? YES!!!!!!!!

This "Leaders Rule" can be understood universally, and it creates a portal where simply everyone can be respected. I subscribe to the leadership practices of "whats simply, it gets done" This simple LR can change a dept, a business or an organization.

When leaders shift gears from driving people to respecting people, their people go from feeling like a stake, to a stake holder! This is critical and it is definitely key!

When the team does not produce the result how do you leverage what is needed?

Do you lead with facts or emotions?

Decide to learn and grow everyday.....

Connect to my practical approach to leadership, which teaches you to live out your everyday. Allow me to support your success by equipping you with leadership teachings to apply to every area of your life!

Be Bold/Be Brave/Be You

Shaniequa L. Washington

Life & Leadership Coach

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