Leading With Expectations

Your expectations of employees and their expectations of themselves are the key factors in how well people perform at work.

The Power of the Leader's Expectations
  • Every supervisor has expectations of the people who report to him or her.

  • Supervisors communicate these expectations consciously or unconsciously whenever they communicate in any manner with an employee.

  • People pick up on or consciously or unconsciously read and experience these expectations from their supervisor.

  • People perform in ways that are consistent with the expectations they have picked up on from the supervisor.

Can you imagine how performance would improve if your supervisors communicate positive thoughts about people to people? If the supervisor actually believes that every employee has the ability to make a positive contribution in the workplace, the telegraphing of that message, either consciously or unconsciously, positively affects employee performance.

The effect of the supervisor gets even better. When the supervisor holds positive expectations about people, she helps individuals improve their self-concept, and thus their self-esteem. Employees who are held in high esteem by their supervisor tend to live up to their potential for contribution and succeed in the workplace.

People believe that they can succeed and contribute, and their performance then rises to the level of their own expectations—to create your best, most successful, superior employees

The Power of Self-Expectations

The leader who can assist employees to believe in themselves and in their efficiency has harnessed a powerful performance improvement tool.

You've heard of the often repeated and referenced words, "self-fulfilling prophecy." these words mean that the individual's opinion about her ability and her self-expectations about her performance largely determine her performance. If an employee thinks she can succeed, she will likely succeed.

Consequently, any actions the supervisor can take that increase the employee's feelings of positive self-worth will help the employee's performance improve.

The intention is not to oversimplify this concept. Many other factors also contribute to the level of an employee's performance, including your company culture, the employee's life experiences, education, family support, and relationships with co-workers. However, positive supervision is one of the key factors that will keep good employees on the job.

How to Encourage Powerful Self-Expectations in Your Employees

These are ways in which you can encourage positive, powerful self-expectations in an employee:

  • Provide opportunities for an employee to experience increasingly challenging assignments. Make sure that he or she succeeds at each level before moving forward.

This is just one of the points to a full series teaching on the "Power Leader". Please be on the look out for this teaching on my website in the product page. Are you ready to transform your leadership? Check out additional free blogs or visit our leadership circle.

Be Bold/Be Brave/Be You

Shaniequa L. Washington

Leadership & Life Coach

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