Leading Tiny Steps=Big Success

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu

Many of us have big, grand goals for our lives. I recall when little and many of us might have blurted Dr, Nurse, Teacher as these were some of the common fields we saw daily, had interactions with and could see ourselves doing. I want you to ask yourself this question, were you are today, was that part of the original vision?

Many of the places we are today the "Big Success" we are experiencing came from those tiny steps in our lives. These goals can be tied to our places of employment, or came with the decision of starting a family, or ideals for a new home with that family, or travel to an international location we’ve long dreamed about, or pretty much anything else. Oftentimes these goals can seem a very long way from where we are presently in our lives. In fact, sometimes they can seem so far away that they appear to be totally out of reach, they seem unattainable for us. We tend to believe and cheer on everyone else for these same goals but for us, not possible!

As a consequence, too many of us give up even trying to make these things happen. The real tragedy is when we fail to pause, recognizing their is power in the pause and put things into the right prospective we will see sometimes all that is required to make them so is putting one foot in front of the other, in their general direction.

That single step, well it really is the cry of relief as we begin taking those tiny steps we begin to take the weighing pressures off of ourselves. The pressure of the overnight success syndrome!

Part of the reason we give up is that we put ourselves under pressure to make things happen quickly, everything that we do requires time. Even the simplest things of life require time, you turn on the shower and you wait a few minutes for the water to warm up, you take a bath, you wait a few more minutes for the tub to fill. Time can not be avoided!

We try to make grand, sweeping changes in our lives and expect overnight change. If this doesn’t happen we can quickly become discouraged and quit. We lose sight of any and all progress we may be making toward our goals. In this space is often where we lose our voice, our identity and we take on the formation of someone else and their ideas, and agenda. A brewing product of chaos

Perhaps we try to uproot and change all our habits at once and it doesn’t happen. These habits may have been part of us for a very long time yet we expect to change them swiftly. This cycle can repeat again and again. It can be really disheartening. We try so hard but get nowhere fast. What I’ve found, in making significant positive changes stick in my own life, is that often the small steps and habits that underpin them do not get enough attention. In fact, I believe there is an untapped magic in these seemingly tiny habits. They can support even the largest of goals.

Take the pressure off of yourself, and begin stepping. Need a partner to get you stepping in the right direction I am available for you! She Leads because, She Led!


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