Doors Open And Close

This first quarter was an amazing quarter. It was different this time and this is because I decided to cast my bet again but this time I did it on his word. I think God is sometimes amazed at how small our plans are, He allows our small plans to fail so that His big dreams for us can prevail.

God reminded me in January, Shaniequa, you are only one defining decision from a totally different life. If that ain't the truth..... I was scared, I was nervous, I had so many unanswered questions but I was open. I was open to everything God had for me and I had to realize that it was only me that defined my yes. I realized that there is a litmus test of our spiritual maturity and that is are your dreams getting bigger or smaller.

See a door closed and at the time another door was not open but I decided to write the vision of how I saw that door opening and listen, Linda, the door was whooooah BIG! Sis, even in the place of being scared, nervous, and with a ton of questions like God what next, when, and how I saw first hand how one defining decision can change the trajectory of your life and put you on a new path towards the Promised Land.

For those that don't know the corporate

door closed, I stood in the face of a stroke from the race of a life of toil to only sit and receive to realize that I have been playing it small with God and thank God that door closed. Many told me girl hold on just take a break and said I was foolish for walking away from and let me place some emphasis on it "That Kind of Money". What I was comforted was not being alone in the looking foolish realm as the Bible of what was called fools that confounded the wise and cleared a path to see that God's plans are always bigger. Obedience is the key to that big door. Once I decided to be obedient the doors that opened Blew my edges back like snatched them completely off of my face. We often miss out for the sake of not looking foolish to only realize that we often reduce God to our worst failures or greatest fears. Limiting God only to what we have experienced TUH........

As doors are closing do something different for the next one to open. If our biggest problem is our view of God and Lord help us "Small View" of God, we need to expand our understanding of Him to let our dreams grow larger and larger! God-sized dreams seem impossible, foolish, and over the top...... Say it with me BUT GOD

My question for you is

  1. Are you holding on to doors that need to close because of fear and uncertainty?

  2. What are three God-sized dreams God might want to accomplish through you?

  3. What steps are you taking towards these dreams He said knock and the door shall be open?

  4. Do you stand before the Lord in prayer?

Sis, in this leap as the door, closed it looked like I was leaving a lot behind. Not only did God sustain me, but He took me to a greater level and added a double dose of Peace. I have not rested in the place that if it costs me my peace it is way too expensive and slammed the door to chase of this world.

Let's Dream Bigger Together........... 2020 taught us it's in the crushing that brings about the overflow.

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