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Leading Faith & Fashion

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. I am so honored and excited to share this space with each of you. The freedom that has been afforded and the fresh wind that is beneath my wings..... All I can say is ONLY GOD. Many may ask, why so late on the blog, well that was intentional. I wanted you to be able to relax, unwind and take this all in. I want this space to be a tool of intentional self-care and connection. Here we are can you believe it my first blog, let's dive into the Leading Faith & Fashion.....

“Everything can change in a moment” ⁣ ⁣ I can recall the day, I can smell the scent that was in the room, I was at the finish line of a very long waiting season. God gave me the vision and even the resources but what happens when God does not give you the access. I remember times of being frustrated saying Forget it. I’m done, God why would you allow me to have all the tools I need but fail to let me in. Then one day I found an old forgotten journal entry: "God when I stand before you at the end of my life, I want to stand sure knowing I used everything you gave me".......... Everything you gave me, Everything you gave me, Everything you gave me. Yes, I said it three times because this is what happened to me I recited it three times Everything "God" gave me and at that moment, things came alive. What happens when you try to bless yourself, at that moment it was not what God gave me it was what I gave to myself and this is why He denied me access. I ⁣had to ask what did God give me? When it all came back to my remembrance OMG. A question we have to ask ourselves why do we forget what God gives us............ ⁣ Just that quick— A simple question — Going back to what God said. And so many of my dreams and prayers were answered, beautifully and finally. 🤍⁣ ⁣ Here I am today, walking in only the dew of what God has for me. Waiting on other dreams and resting in hope, again. (I don’t fully know why the Lord has asked me to wait so many times in my life, but what a theme it is in Faith.) It truly causes you to live by faith. I’m just here to speak out and remind you — and ME again — who are in the waiting season or maybe in the waiting season again, been there done that: it can happen overnight. Even if our weary, doubting hearts don’t see it today and our hopes have failed. God can and will. ⁣ So dust off your highest hopes⁣ and believe that what He said will happen it shall not lie! 🥰✨)

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