Shaniequa delivered above and beyond in her keynote address to our agency. Her message was timely, authentic, inspiring, and relatable. She masterfully delivered the keynote with such clarity and precision sparking a much needed spark with our staff. Not only is she engaging, she is humble and approachable. The care she took to address staff with questions at the end and privately added additional value. Shaniequa is a jewel, operating in sound integrity, judgement, and authenticity. She is poised, positioned, and powerfully walking in a beautiful ministry planting seeds of empowerment, encouragement, while daring others to be different.

Donellia C.

My experience with Zurel Leadership has impacted me tremendously. Her leadership coaching helps you focus on what really matters in your business. She helps you realize where the Clutter is and what keeps you from moving forward and also helps you to tap into your purpose. She is not forceful but she keeps it real.

A. West

Shaniequa Washington had definitely had a great impact on my life.  Her leadership skills as well as her sound advice concerning having a business and entrepreneurial mind has inspired me to reach beyond what I am to become what I dream.  Her professionalism accountability and the quality of her available product and services provided for her clients is refreshing in this age where quality of service is often overlooked for quantity and greed.  For those  who wish to become the type of leader/entrepreneur who is not only effective in leadership but one who positively impacts the world through their lives, I highly recommend Zuriel Leadership Development... 

Tammy S.

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